Minute with the Mayor



Can you give us an update on the Splash Pad and Playground that is proposed?


The splash pad and playground planning stages and getting all the contract issues in place have taken longer than I would have liked it, however, it is part of the process, and I have to remain patient during this process. 

The city met with the engineering company last week.  The survey and all the utilities that are on the property have been turned in.  The design process has started and, hopefully, within a month to six weeks, we will be able to see in drawings how this park will look when complete.

Once the design work has been finalized, the park will begin to take shape.  We are in the process of getting the site ready for work.  The fencing and light poles are being removed, and we have started some of the demolition work that is needed at the site.

I am not sure of the time frame of completion at this moment in time.  I do believe we will be able to open the playground area for use as soon as we get it all in place.  The splash pad area may not be opened until the spring of 2025. 

I will remain patient through this, but I sure want the wheels to move a bit quicker than they have.  One thing for certain, this project of a well-needed area for our children to play and access is in progress and is going to be a destination spot for years to come.

Be safe out there, and finish strong.      


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