Minute with the Mayor



Can you give some details about the upcoming bluegrass concerts and the Green Market in Sparta?  Where can the food trucks be set up inside the city limits?


The bluegrass concerts will be monthly and in coordination with the Green Market.  The first Green Market and concert for this year will be May 19, 2023.  The Green Market will take place monthly.  The Green Market will feature many of our local businesses, bakers, and craft makers.  It starts at 4 p.m. and goes until around 7 p.m. The Green Market is held at Metcalf Park, just off the square in downtown Sparta. 

The bluegrass concert then starts at the amphitheater on the square.  The music will begin at 7 p.m. and will end between 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. We everyone will get out to the Green Market, then head over to the amphitheater for some great music. 

As far as the food trucks setting up within the city limits, we have designated the parking lot across from the Green Market as a place to set up food trucks.  We also have designated the civic center parking lot as a place to set up.  We do have one stipulation at the civic center.  If there is a school-related activity that is offering a concession stand as a fundraiser, then a food truck must wait until that game or program is over before setting up. 

We want everyone to visit the Green Market, the concerts, and visit the restaurants and businesses on the square while you are there.    


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