Minute with the Mayor



What are some of the projects that are in the works for the city of Sparta?


We have several items that are in the works.  One of the areas that needs addressing is the intersection at Highway 111 and Taft Church Road, better known as the Walmart Shell Station intersection.  

The city of Sparta is working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, and we are working to make the road coming out of the Walmart area a two-turn lane system.  The right turn lane that takes you south on Highway 111 will not be affected.  The far left lane would not change; it will always be a turn left lane.  The middle lane would become a left turn or a straight lane on the green light.  We feel that this would allow flow out of the intersection to move quicker and smoother.  The city of Sparta is working with TDOT to move forward with this plan.

We have the new Peacock Convenience Center going in on Bockman Way at the current store.  The plans for this will make this a very nice addition to the east side of town.  Granny’s Ice Cream will be opening up real soon and will be a much-needed and requested business. 

Circle K Convenience Center is continuing progress as the owners of the property continue to get that business completed.  Some have noticed and asked about the lot beside McDonald’s.  The shopping center there has been purchased by a new owner and investor and is being cleaned up at this time.  There is no business at this present time that has committed to moving to that shopping center. 

LaLa’s Cupcakes has completed the move to their new location on Vista Drive at the Medical Center across from the hospital.  Stop by and see them at the new location. 

The splash pad plans are moving forward slowly at this point.  The city has just hired an engineering firm to design the park area, and, once that process takes place, we will release a mockup picture of the proposed park area. 

We have not started the sidewalk project that will add a sidewalk up North Spring Street. There is no date set at this moment in time to begin that work. There will be some growing pains as that project starts, but will be a great addition to our walking areas once completed. 

Be safe out there, and finish strong.


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